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E.H. Norman Library
Tel: 03-5412-6200
Fax: 03-5412-6287
E-mail: Tokyo.lib-bib@international.gc.ca


When the new chancery was completed in 1991, the present library was established on the B2 level alongside the art gallery and theatre as a cultural facility representing Canada. In May 2001, on the tenth anniversary of its opening, the library was renamed the "E.H. Norman Library" in memory of Canadian historian and diplomat E. Herbert Norman (1909-1957), who dedicated his life to promoting friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples of Canada and Japan.


In addition to providing Embassy staff with materials and services they need for their work, the Library is open to the general public. The Library offers basic services such as reference materials for on-site use and the lending out of books and audiovisual materials. It also serves as an Information Centre responding to general inquiries about Canada and as a Study in Canada Centre assisting students planning study in Canada.


The Library possesses a total of some 15,000 volumes, mainly about Canada, including both reference materials and ordinary books for checkout. About 90% are in English or French with roughly 10% in Japanese. The books are sorted and shelved according to LC classification and may be freely accessed by users. The periodicals section has English and French newspapers (one each) as well as about sixty magazines in English, French, and Japanese in a variety of fields providing up-to-date information about Canada. There is also a section with publications by government agencies such as Statistics Canada. Some newspapers and government publications can be viewed on microfilm or microfiche. Audiovisual materials include around 450 music CDs and about 700 videotapes presenting Canada's diverse nature, culture, and history.

Finding materials

Books, videotapes, and CDs can be searched by computer using our online catalogue. There is also a video and CD catalogue in booklet form that can be sent to users upon request.


User registration is required to borrow materials from the Library. To obtain a user card, complete an application form and present suitable ID at the service counter. Registration is accepted by post or fax as well. Up to five books may be borrowed for four weeks, and up to five videotapes and five CDs for two weeks. Materials may be sent to users by post at the user's expense.

Norman Collection

The Library has a special collection of books and materials by and about E.H. Norman. Panels describing Norman's life are on display, as are numerous photographs.

Canada in a suitcase

This section has pamphlets and maps loaded with colour photos of Canada as well as dolls, plastic models, and other items introducing Canada in an entertaining way.

Information Centre

Questions about Canada can be answered directly at the service counter as well as by post, fax, or e-mail. Note however that the Library cannot respond to inquiries about visas, travel, taxes, customs duties, etc. Please see the "Questions" section of the Embassy website (Japanese only). The Information Centre also distributes promotional materials presenting various aspects of Canada.

Study in Canada Centre

This section has a display of the Embassy's own materials on study in Canada as well as information on various Canadian universities, colleges, community colleges, language schools, high schools, and boards of education. Except for those marked "Do not remove," all are free for the taking. Education-related information may also be accessed on the Internet using the Library's computers. There are also video players for viewing school promotional videos. Group counselling by an education counsellor on different types of study in Canada is available by appointment. Check the Embassy website for times and appointment information.


The Library can comfortably accommodate over fifty users at a time. It has seven computer terminals that may be used to access information about Canada free of charge. Smart cards allowing use of the PCs may be borrowed at the service counter in exchange for personal ID. The Library has photocopiers that can be used for ten yen per page, but please bring sufficient coins because no change is available. The Library also has two video players and one DVD player that may be used free of charge to view Library materials.

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