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กDriver Licence (Japanese)

In order to obtain a Japanese driver licence you must first obtain an official Japanese translation of your Canadian driver's licence. You can request a translation from the Japan Automobile Foundation at http://www.jaf.or.jp/e/index_e.htm, (tel: 03-5976-9777 in Tokyo, service in English is available).

Please note that in order for your Canadian licence to be considered valid, you must have spent at least three months in Canada after your Canadian licence was obtained. If your Canadian licence was renewed within three months of your departure from Canada (or after your arrival in Japan), you will have to obtain from your provincial or territorial licensing office a record of your previous driving experience including the initial date of issuance of your provincial/territorial driver's licence. This document will also have to be officially translated.

After obtaining the translation, you must make application at a Metropolitan/Prefectural police licensing office. In Tokyo these offices are:

Fuchu Unten Menkyo Shikenjo
1-1 Tama-cho, 3-chome
Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
Tel: 0423-62-3591

Samezu Unten Menkyo Shikenjo
12-5, Hagashi-Oi 1-chome
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3474-1374

Koto Unten Menkyo Shikenjo
7-24 Shinsuna 1-chome
Koto-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3699-1151

If you wish to know the locations of offices in your area of residence you should enquire at your ward or city office.

You will need to submit the following:

i. Canadian Drivers licence
ii. A certified Japanese translation of Canadian drivers licence
iii. Certificate of Alien Registration
iv. One photograph (3cm in length x 2.4 cm in width for ID purposes)
v. Canadian passport
vi. fee (currently 4,150 yen for a car-licence, 5,050 yen for motorcycle-licence, subject to change).

Additionally, you will be asked to take an eye-test at the licensing office.

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