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‘Tokyo: Going between the Canadian Embassy and Narita Airport


The arriving passenger has two major options for travel into Tokyo - the bus or the train.

The limousine bus allows you to take your luggage conveniently with you (in the bottom of the bus) but the down-side is that it is frequently caught in traffic jams. A good run can be done in a little over an hour; bad runs frequently last two or even three hours.

The train is highly predictable and fast. The down-side is that there are no special arrangements (porters or carts or adequate space in the train car itself) for luggage. It is possible to send your bags directly from the airport by takyubin to any address in Japan. An address in Tokyo costs about 1,800 yen per bag.

By Limousine Bus

1. Purchase a ticket at the Limousine Bus ticket counter on 1st floor Arrival Lobby. The ticket to the Akasaka area (near the embassy) costs 2,900 yen.

2. Get on a bus from the Bus stop #2 in Terminal 1 or stop #6 or #16 in Terminal 2 (you will be told which one by the limousine bus agent). The buses run every 15-20 min. The hotels closest to the Canadian Embassy are: ANA Hotel, Hotel New Otani, Akasaka Prince Hotel, or Akasaka Tokyu Hotel. It takes about for 2 hours from Narita airport.

3. From these hotels, the easiest way is to get in a taxi to the Canadian Embassy. It takes only for 5 min. and costs the minimum charge of 650 yen.

By Narita Express

1. Purchase a ticket to Tokyo station at the JR Narita Express ticket vending machines or at JR Reservation Ticket Office on B1 level which is accessible from either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. The ticket costs 2,890 yen for Ordinary Cars (regular fare) and 4,890 for Green Car (open cabin) The train runs every 30 min. It takes for 1 hour to the Tokyo station.

2. From Tokyo station, there are several ways to get to the embassy but the most convenient ways are 1) By subway Marunouchi line to Akasaka Mitsuke station and change to the Ginza line to get to Aoyama-Itchome station. (30 min.) Then 5 min. walk to the embassy. 2) By JR Yamanote like to Shinbashi station to change to subway Ginza line to the Aoyama-Itchome station. (40 min.) Again, 5 min. walk to the embassy.

By Keisei Line

1. Purchase a ticket to Ueno station at the Keisei Line ticket counter on B1 level which is accessible from either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. The ticket cost 1,880 yen for super express (Skyliner) or 980 yen for regular express (Futsu Tokkyu). It takes for 1 hour by Skyliner and 1 hour and 15 min. by the regular express.

2. From Ueno station, take subway Ginza line to Aoyama Itchome station. (40 min.) Then 5 min. walk to the embassy.


Generally speaking, the reverse operation will get you back to Narita.

If you are travelling by one of the trains, you usually have to reserve a seat. Often this is no problem. Just show up and buy a ticket on the next train (schedules are available in all hotels). But sometimes the trains are full and you may have to wait for 30 or 40 minutes longer than you expected.

If you are leaving from a hotel serviced by the limousine bus, consult the hotel bell captain for the required advance departure time and make a reservation. Traffic jams to the airport are less frequent and, once on the expressway, the trip takes about an hour.

Another alternative that works well, especially when you are leaving and don't have more luggage than you can carry yourself, is to depart through the Tokyo City Air Terminal - TCAT. This is found at the end on the Hanzomon subway line at Suitengu-mae. The advantages are:

Remember, your need 2,000 yen per adult for airport tax (1,000 yen for children).

Hot travel tip: Before you go through immigration in Terminal 1, buy the drinks and munchies you'll need in the waiting area from the grocery shop at the bottom of the escalators on the basement floor (one floor below the arrivals hall). The prices are ordinary Japanese street prices - not the super-inflated airport prices.

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