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General instructions for sending an enquiry:

Before you send us an enquiry, please ensure that you have explored the following avenues of information to save you time and provide you quick access to existing information and tools on this website, our recorded message/fax-on-demand (Tel: 03-5412-6321) as well as Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website.

Your enquiry may be submitted by one of the following three methods with the following information. When communicating with our office, include all your questions in a single message. In order to serve all clients better, we are not able to reply to multiple messages from the same client.

If you are enquiring about your own application in process, please ensure that you include your full name (as it appears in your passport), your date of birth, and your file number.

How to send enquiry:

  1. by mail to the visa Section of the Embassy at:
    3-38 Akasaka 7-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8503

  2. by fax to 03-5412-6302

    Please note that replies to mail/fax enquiries can take up to 30 days depending on the nature of the enquiry.

  3. by e-mail at tokyo-im-enquiry@international.gc.ca

    All e-mail enquiries will receive a reply within 20 days. (Repeat enquiries may be ignored)

    To minimize failure of email delivery, it is suggested that you add our email address or domain address (tokyo-im-enquiry@international.gc.ca) in your email address list (safe list) to avoid spam blockers, firewalls and attachment stripping etc., that may impede/prevent delivery of our email message to you.

  4. We recommend that you use the Case Specific enquiry form if you have an enquiry regarding a specific case.

Consent • Disclaimer

By supplying your email address (in your enquiry or previously in your application), you are initiating an email communication with CIC, and CIC is thereby authorized to use the email address provided by you for communication with you including the transmission of personal information on your file. When you supply your email address to CIC, it is also understood that you are aware that this channel may not be a secure channel. CIC is not liable for the disclosure of personal information to a third party where CIC has taken reasonable means to ensure the identity of the party. CIC is also not liable for the misuse of this information by a third party.

Protect your personal information

Clients should be careful to protect their file number, FOSS client ID number, date of birth and all other personal identification information. As these personal identifiers may allow clients to receive information about their files from CIC via email, clients should not share this information with unauthorized third parties.

Access to information and Privacy

The purpose of the Privacy Act is to protect the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information about themselves held by a government institution and to provide individuals with the right of access to such information.

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