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カナダ大使館 E・H・ノーマン図書館
■E.H. Norman Library Speaker Series


Using Children's Literature to Bridge Cultures:
the Canadian Experience

In both oracy (oral-based) and literacy (reading and writing) based cultures, fairy tales, myths, legends are universal and play a key role in the transmission of knowledge and beliefs. Children are socialized using these different genres and grow up sharing them with other members of their culture. One of the most universal of all fairy tales is Cinderella (some researchers estimate that over 250 versions of this story exist).

Using two Canadian versions of this story as well as other selections taken from Canadian literature, Dr. Robert Courchêne, from the University of Ottawa, will show how we can bring together children from all different cultures by sharing their versions of this fairy tale while at the same time teaching them English and literacy skills: round-robin, knowledge framework, bilingual readers, show and tell, interview techniques, character descriptions, alternate endings, elements of a fairy tale, etc.

You are cordially invited to attend.

■Guest Speaker: Dr. Robert Courchêne, Associate Professor, Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute, University of Ottawa

Time: Thursday, October 30, 2008  19:00 - 20:30
Place: Embassy of Canada E. H. Norman Library
(B2 level)
Language: English with Japanese interpretation
Admission: Free - advance registration required
Application: Please register either by e-mail or by fax (03-5412-6287), clearly indicating the information for items 1-5, found below, in your message.
  1. Name
  2. Organization/school
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