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This month's feature events are:
  • Simple Plan/Your Favorite Enemies Tour
  • Release of Manafest's new album Citizens Aktiv
  • Sarah Polley's First Feature-Length film Away From Her
  • Leaping Living Art - The World of Cirque du Soleil
  • Lecture - The Story of French: The Canadian Experience

y^Music^La Musique

Simple Plan/Your Favorite Enemies Tour iJj

Monday, May 26 - Thursday, May 29
@@Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya

This past February saw the release of Simple Plan's album entitled Simple Plan. While already superstars, the band's reasoning for the self-titled album was that they had finally reached adulthood and were confident entering into maturity. The fans definitely agreed as the album went straight to the top of Japan's international charts. Rounding off the Canadian double-bill is the band Your Favorite Enemies. Making their Japan debut without even releasing an album, they've acquired a strong on-line following in Japan with their emotional and aggressive sound.

Release of Manafest's new album
Citizens Aktiv

Tuesday, May 27

With the goal of becoming a pro-skateboarder ended due to injury, Manafest set-out to develop his rhyming skills. It was later with his single Impossible from the album Glory that really brought him to international attention. While the hip-hop meets rock album was released internationally in 2006, imports started filtering into Japan in 2007 where he was described as a mix of Linkin Park and Eminem and was a surprise hit selling over 50,000 copies. After touring all over North America recently, there are high hopes for his new album Citizens Aktiv.

f^Film^Les films

Sarah Polley's First Feature-Length film
Away From Her

Opens end of May at Ginza Theatre Cinema;
@@later at theatres nationwide

Known for her moving performances in movies such as Sweet Hereafter and My Life Without Me, Sarah Polley is one of Canada's leading actresses and has now directed her first feature-length film. The screenplay was written by Polley, based on a story by celebrated Canadian short story writer Alice Munro. This film has been well received and was awarded 7 Genie Awards, Canada's version of the Academy Awards, and received the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture. It was also nominated for two Oscar Awards.

Julie Christie's character, Fiona, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and is supported by her husband Grant and his deep love for her. They are joined by a strong bond which, however, is complicated by events from the past. The story unfolds quietly, but with passion, and will find a place in your heart. Atom Egoyan is the Executive Producer and the film uses the music of major Canadian artists such as Neil Young and k.d. lang, to great effect. It is an outstanding film with a strong Canadian flavour.

2006, 110 minutes, in English with Japanese sub-titles.

Now showing
Nightwatching ifilmj
Various cities

Now showing
KAMATAKI ifilmj by Claude Gagnon
Various cities

Cirque du Soleil Exhibition iJj
Omotesando Hills, Tokyo
Canada^JapanF A Bridge Over the Pacific
Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery, Tokyo

Anne of Green Gables, The Musical by Shiki Theatre Company
Shiki Theatre Jiyu, Tokyo
DAIHATSU DRALION iJj by Cirque du Soleil
Fukuoka Shin Big Top
Fossils are Fun iJj
Ibaraki Nature Museum
Year of Glenn Gould iJj
100th Anniversary of the Publication of Anne of Green Gables

Canadian Tulip Festival in World Gardening Fair iJj
Hotel Okura Tokyo

Sukagawa International Short Film Festival 2008 iJj
Sukagawa-shi Bunka Center

Ryugaku Journal World Ryugaku Fair Spring 2008 iJj
10: Fukuoka, Across Fukuoka
11: Osaka, Umeda Center Bldg.
17: Nagoya, Nagoya Kokusai Center Bldg.
18: Tokyo, Izumi Garden Gallery

The Story of FrenchF The Canadian Experience
Embassy of Canada Oscar Peterson Theatre, Tokyo

Manulife Waku Waku Charity Run Day iJj
Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo

Teach Canada, Managing Expatriates
The International University of Kagoshima 4F Library

Simple Plan/Your Favorite Enemies Tour iJj
26FNamba HATCH, Osaka
28FAkasaka BLITZ, Tokyo
29FZEPP Nagoya

Book Reading for Children
gRoyal Canadian Mounted Policeh
Embassy of Canada E.H. Norman Library, Tokyo

Release of Manafest's new album Citizens Aktiv iJj

End of May
Away From Her by Sarah Polley
Ginza Theatre Cinema; later at theatres nationwide

Cxg^Event^Les événements

Leaping Living Art - The World of Cirque du Soleil® iJj

Saturday, April 26 - Tuesday, May 6
@@Omotesando Hills, Tokyo

Cirque du Soleil, the world's leading entertainment troupe, will have its own exclusive venue when gCirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyoh opens in October. This art event ahead of the theatre opening is a chance to experience the troupe's creative power and learn about its artistic origins. The bold, fantastic world of Cirque du Soleil will come alive on the exhibit floor. It's an event for all ages, so be sure to bring the children. More information about the exhibition and about pre-opening performances starting August 15 at Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo may be obtained by calling the Cirque du Soleil information desk at 0570-02-8777.

Lecture - The Story of French: The Canadian Experience

Thursday, May 15
@@Embassy of Canada Oscar Peterson Theatre, Tokyo

Given the recent publication of the Canadian Prime Minister's Award winning translation of the book The Story of French (Taishukan Shoten 2,400 plus tax) and the celebration of the week of Francophonie, the Embassy will be hosting a presentation and discussion with Professor Hidehiro Tachibana (Waseda University), and Professor Yoshikazu Obata (Meiji University), on topics directly related to the francophone realities in Canada. Written by Canadian journalists/historians/linguists Jean-Benoit Nadeau and Julie Barlow, The Story of French is an extraordinarily ambitious project that delivers a thoughtful and well-researched overview of the French-speaking peoples throughout the centuries.

The Embassy of Canada is pleased to offer 30 pairs of tickets (60 people) for the presentation of May 15. Please apply by e-mail or fax (03-5412-6287) with your name, address, phone number, and the name of the person accompanying you no later than May 9. A random drawing will be conducted if applications exceed available space. Successful applicants will be informed by e-mail or fax.

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