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This month's feature events are:
  • Sophie Milman - Live in Japan
  • David Cronenberg's latest film Eastern Promises
  • Sharkwater - a documentary on sharks and the sea
  • George Raab - Canadian Wilderness Etchings

y^Music^La Musique

Sophie Milman - Live in Japan iJj

Thursday, June 12 - Sunday, June 15
@@Blue Note Tokyo

2004 saw the Canadian release of Sophie's self-titled debut CD Sophie Milman that was released in the U.S. in 2006 and soon reached No.1 on the iTunes download chart. Her unique mix of standards, unusual popular music choices, and even Russian folk songs has endeared her to fans around the world and the CD has since reached No.1 on the iTunes jazz charts in Canada, Japan and France as well. Her second album Make Someone Happy was released in June 2007 and was followed by appearances at the Blue Note in Tokyo. Still in her 20s, Sophie Milman's classic beauty and gorgeous voice have already made her one of jazz's biggest draws.

f^Film^Les films

David Cronenberg's latest film
Eastern Promises

Opens Saturday, June 14
@@Chanter Cine and Cine Libre Ikebukuro;
@@later at theatres nationwide

The long-awaited new film from leading Canadian director David Cronenberg is about to make its Japan premiere. The prodigious Cronenberg, who captivated audiences with the drama and excitement of A History of Violence, teams up again with actor Viggo Mortensen to produce a masterpiece of brilliant action and virtuosity that is taking the world by storm. The realistic human drama reveals the behind the scenes workings of the Russian mafia in full depth and force. Eastern Promises has won an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, seven Genie Awards in Canada, and numerous other awards and nominations as well.

2007, Canada^UK, 100 minutes, in English and Russian with Japanese sub-titles, R-18

Sharkwater - a documentary on sharks and the sea

Opens end of June
@@Shibuya Q-AX Cinema

This ambitious sea documentary was written, produced, directed and filmed by Toronto filmmaker Rob Stewart. Beautiful and thought-provoking, it offers a true-to-life, up-close look at some of the oceans' best-known creatures ? sharks. Stewart's fascination with sharks began when he met one in the water at age eight. He took his first underwater photos at thirteen and by eighteen was a qualified scuba diving instructor. In order to tell the real story of these creatures usually thought of only as dangerous, Stewart carried out careful research and spent four years filming in the oceans of the world. The result is a work of great impact that also calls attention to the problem of human greed in the form of poachers and trappers who kill sharks just for the fins.

2006, Canada, 89 minutes, in English with Japanese subtitles

Now showing
Nightwatching ifilmj
Various cities

Now showing
Away From Her by Sarah Polley ifilmj
Ginza Theatre Cinema; later at theatres nationwide

Laila Biali Trio Concert iJj
Cotton Club, Tokyo
Asagiri Field Activity Center, Shizuoka
Anne of Green Gables, The Musical by Shiki Theatre Company
Shiki Theatre Jiyu, Tokyo
DAIHATSU DRALION iJj by Cirque du Soleil
Fukuoka Shin Big Top
Fossils are Fun iJj
Ibaraki Nature Museum
George Raab -
Canadian Wilderness Etching

Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery, Tokyo

Year of Glenn Gould iJj
100th Anniversary of the Publication of Anne of Green Gables

Hokkaido Canada Society 120th Canada School iJj
LectureFgDiversified Canadian Cultural Industries in the 21st Centuryh
SpeakerFChristine Nakamura, Counsellor iPublic Affairsj
Sapporo Prince Hotel Pamir

`mid August

Short Shorts Film Festival 2008
Tokyo, Yokohama, Nasu, Nagoya, Osaka

Anne of Green Gables Centennial Exhibition - Prince Edward Island that Montgomery Loved
6^10`22FNihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo
7^17`28FJR Nagoya Takashimaya
8^21`9^2F Fukuya Hacchobori Honten, Hiroshima
and other cities

Sophie Milman - Live in Japan iJj
Blue Note Tokyo

Eastern Promises by David Cronenberg ifilmj
Chanter Cine and Cine Libre Ikebukuro; later at theatres nationwide

Book Reading for Children
gCanada Dayh
Embassy of Canada E.H. Norman Library, Tokyo

end of June
Sharkwater by Bob Stewart ifilmj
Shibuya Q-AX Cinema

o|p^Visual Arts^Les arts visuels

George Raab - Canadian Wilderness Etchings

Monday, May 26 - Friday, August 29
@@Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery

This exhibition presents etchings by George Raab, an artist based in Millbrook, Ontario northeast of Toronto. The subject matter is Canadian nature. Raab particularly favours winter scenes with colourless backgrounds made up of tree silhouettes after leaves have fallen. His etchings are peaceful and contemplative, yet evoke a sense of mystery. The artist has included a new work in this first exhibition in Japan ? a large etching of a forest landscape that resembles a Japanese folding screen.

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