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This month's feature events are:
  • 2008 Hakodate Christmas Fantasy
  • E.H. Norman Library Speaker SeriesF
    gMontgomery and Anneh
  • The Stepdancers to perform at Celtic Xmas 2008
    Animals in Inuit Art and Modern Imagery iexhibitionj
  • STARS Concert

Cxg^Event^Les événements

2008 Hakodate Christmas Fantasy iJj

Monday, December 1 - Thursday, December 25
@@In front of Kanomori Warehouses,
@@Suehiro-cho, Hakodate city

A giant fir tree will be presented from the world's biggest Christmas tree farm in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Hakodate's sister city. It will be the world's most wonderful Christmas present. The beautiful tree decorated with lights will serve as the focal point of a series of events including a Canada Halifax Exhibition, concerts, film screenings and a fireworks display every evening.

E.H. Norman Library Speaker Series
gMontgomery and Anneh

Thursday, December 4
@@Embassy of Canada Oscar Peterson Theatre, Tokyo

In this 100th anniversary year of the publication of Anne of Green Gables, a wide variety of commemorative events, TV programs and book publications have taken place throughout Japan. The beloved, much read novel has lost none of its charm as time and generations come and go. It continues revitalizing readers with the power and conviction to live as themselves.

We have invited Kate Macdonald Butler, granddaughter of author Lucy Maud Montgomery, to bring this commemorative year to a close with a special lecture. She will focus on remembrances of her grandmother not just as a great author but also as a woman who was staunchly protective of her family. Our event will also feature a dialogue between Ms. Butler and Eri Muraoka, granddaughter of Hanako Muraoka, who introduced the book to Japan by translating it during the dark days of World War II.

To this unique reunion of granddaughters we are offering 25 pairs of tickets. Please click here to apply.

The Stepdancers to perform at
Celtic Xmas 2008

Friday, December 5 - Saturday, December 13
@@Osaka Shinsaibashi Club Quattro,
@@Sumida Triphony Hall, other venues

The Stepdancers are a 3-man dance team consisting of the Pilatzke brothers imembers of the Chieftans and Treadj and Dan Stacey, who has toured as a dancer with Altan. The fancy footwork of their Canadian Ottawa style is a blend of Irish dancing and tap. The masculine power and speed of their performances simply blows audiences away.

o|p^Visual Arts^Les arts visuels

Animals in Inuit Art and Modern Imagery


Tuesday, December 9 - Sunday, January 25, 2009
@@Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

This exhibition features intriguing Inuit art forms - carvings, prints and crafts - depicting wild animals in different poses and in relation to humans. Together with them, it presents animal works by modern Japanese artists from fields such as painting, prints, and sculpture.

y^Music^La Musique

STARS Concert iJj

Friday, January 9F
@@Osaka Shinsaibashi Club Quattro
Saturday, January 10F
@@Shibuya Club Quattro, Tokyo

The 5-member rock band Stars is now the flagship group of Canada's Arts Crafts label and is loved by Indie kids worldwide for the contrastive melodies of its boy-girl twin vocals and its electronic, pop sound. With breakthroughs behind them in Europe and the USA as well as their home base of Canada, they now make their long awaited arrival in Japan as a main act.
Now showing
Away From Her by Sarah Polley ifilmj
Various cities

Now showing
Eastern Promises by David Cronenberg ifilmj
Various cities

Now showing
Canada-Japan-Brazil co-production Blindness ifilmj
Marunouchi Prazer and other theatres

Daniel Powter Japan Tour 2008
gUnder the Radarh
1FWel City Osaka
2FNagoya City Public Hall

illScarlett to perform at
ZEBRAHEAD's Japan Tour iJj
1FNagoya Diamond Hall
4FHiroshima Club Quattro
5FOsaka IMP Hall

Innovative Designs for the House Home iexhibitionj
Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery, Tokyo

100th Anniversary of the Publication of Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables, a musical by The Classic Live for the United Nations, Japan iJj

Anne of Green Gables Centennial Exhibition - Prince Edward Island that Montgomery Loved iJj
2009^1^2`12FMitsukoshi, Fukuoka
2009^3^6`11FFujisaki, Sendai
and other cities

2008 Hakodate Christmas Fantasy iJj
In front of Kanomori Warehouses, Suehiro-cho, Hakodate city

Seminar for Canada Working Holiday Program iJj

E.H. Norman Speaker Series
gMontgomery and Anneh
Embassy of Canada Oscar Peterson Theatre, Tokyo

The Stepdancers to perform at Celtic Christmas 2008 iJj
5FFukuoka Sumiyoshi Shrine
6FNagasaki Arkas Sasebo
7FShizuoka Yaizu Bunka Centre
9FOsaka Shinsaibashi Club Quattro
12FYokohama Konan Kumin Bunka Centre, Sagamihara Green Hall Sagami Ono
13FTokyo Sumida Triphony Hall

Théâtre des ConfettisF Goodies, Beasties and Sweethearts iJj
Theatre 1010, Tokyo

Anne of Green Gables 100th Anniversary SymposiumgImagining A Better Worldh iJj
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

ANIMAL FANTASYF Animals in Inuit Art and Modern Imagery iJjiexhibitionj
Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

Anne of Green Gables 100th Anniversary Exhibition gMontgomery StoriesF The World of Anne and Emilyh
Fukuyama Museum of Literature iJj, Fukuyama

Book Reading for Children gChristmash
Embassy of Canada E. H. Norman Library, Tokyo

Dione Taylor to perform at Ozone Makoto Christmas Concert 2008 - Tribute to Oscar Peterson -
Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo

2009^1^9, 10
STARS Concert iJj
9FOsaka Shinsaibashi Club Quattro
10FShibuya Club Quattro, Tokyo

MONKEY MAJIK Tour '09 gFantasiah

Seminar for Canada Working Holiday Program iJj

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