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This month's feature events are:
  • Release of Riverside's Album Newspeak
  • Release of Dew's Album PRESENT
  • New Books
  • Another Season's Promise - a play by Anne Chislett and Keith Roulston performed by The Mingei Theatre Company

y^Music^La Musique

Release of Riverside's Album Newspeak (J)

Saturday, May 2 (tentative)

Riverside released their first full length album Goodbye Broadway, Hello Hollywood in 2007 and after relentless touring, the band was directly approached by Japan's Bullion Records to join the label's roster and release the album in Japan. This first record deal gave them great opportunities including filming a music video for the album's single, This One's For The Other Guy. While gaining momentum Riverside quickly began work on their second full length album Newspeak. The goal was to buck the current trend of over-produced, overly polished records and to strip it down to what the band really is. Keep an eye out for them in Japan this year.

Release of Dew's Album PRESENT (J)

Wednesday, May 13

Dew is a piano/vocal duo consisting of Yu Shimizu and Haruna Onishi, two Japanese girls who studied at the same high school in Canada for three years. They formed the group at the suggestion of their Canadian choir director. The Embassy of Canada in Tokyo appointed them official Study in Canada supporters last fall, and they graciously accepted. Their new album, PRESENT, will be released May 13th by Victor Entertainment Japan. Their recent single, Thank you, has been used in a Japanese TV commercial. Breaks like that have frequently opened the door to stardom, and Dew's future looks bright. You will find their harmonies as soothing as the great natural beauty of Canada.

w^Literature^La littérature

New Books

Michael Ondaatje – Divisadero

(translated by Kiyoshi Muramatsu)

Shincho Crest Books (2200 yen plus tax)

Divisadero is the latest novel by Michael Ondaatje, winner of the Booker Prize for The English Patient. It tells the story of Anna and Claire - sisters not related by blood, Coop - a farmhand who is like an older brother, and the girls' father who raised them singlehandedly while running a large farm. The skilfully told tale alternates between the accounts of a gambler, a gypsy, and a French novelist to weave together a story of family breakup, unfulfilled love, and many different lives. It won the Governor-General's Literary Award in 2007.

Through May 6
Okaya Ice Festival
Okaya City Ice Arena and Ilf-Plaza in Yamabiko Skating Complex (J), Nagano

Through May 10
Rob Judges Exhibition
Gallery Kabutoya (J), Tokyo

Through May 17
Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
Maison Hermès 8F Forum, Tokyo
Contact information: 03-3569-3300

Through June 14
Jin-me Yoon and Lani Maestro at
Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009
Hatoba Shrine, Beppu Chuo Kominkan, and others

Through June 17
Canadian Aboriginal Arts from the Prince and Princess Takamado Collection
Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery, Tokyo

Through July 12
Cirque du Soleil: Daihatsu Corteo (J)
Through May 5: Harajuku Shin Big Top, Tokyo
May 21 – July 12: Nagoya Shin Big Top

May 2
Release of Riverside's Album Newspeak (J)

May 9
Lectures: Anne of Green Gables & Prince Edward Island - 101 years on (J)
Osaka Shoin Women's University

May 12 – 14
Into Eternity to perform at Extreme The Dojo Vol.21 (J)
May 12: Shinsaibashi Club Quattro, Osaka
May 13: Nagoya Club Quattro
May 14: Shibuya Club Quattro, Tokyo

May 13
Release of Dew's Album PRESENT (J)

May 16
Manulife Waku Waku Charity Run Day 2009 (J)
Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo

May 21 – June 1
Another Season's Promise (J) – a play by Anne Chislett and Keith Roulston performed by The Mingei Theatre Company
Kinokuniya Southern Theater, Tokyo

May 28
Working Holiday Seminar (J)
Embassy of Canada, Tokyo

May 29 – 31
Canada Project in Kyushu, Colloquium and Debate: "Does Diversity Matter?"
International University of Kagoshima 4F Library Canada Studies Centre

Elizabeth May – At the Cutting Edge - The Crisis in Canada's Forests
(translated by Ryo Kosaka and Masako Fukazawa)

Japan Forestry Investigation Committee (J-FIC) (3500 yen tax included)

This book, the winner of the Canadian Publishing Award for best Japanese translation in 2007-2008, is authored by the leader of Canadafs Green Party and offers recommendations for protecting the earth.

Yoshikazu Obata and Yutaka Takenaka (editors) –
A 54-chapter introduction to Quebec

Akashi Shoten (2000 yen plus tax)

Following A 60-chapter introduction to Canada (published in 2003), which was Volume 25 of Akashi Shoten's "Area Studies Series," this new work focuses specifically on Quebec. It presents, among other things, the history, politics, economics, foreign relations, culture, and lifestyle of the French-speaking province that is proud of its unique identity within Canada's broad diversity. This multifaceted yet readily understandable volume taps the expertise of numerous contributors.

Kenichiro Mogi – Learning how to be Happy
from Anne of Green Gables

Kodansha Bunko (571 yen plus tax)

Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables celebrated its hundredth anniversary last year. Brain scientist Kenichiro Mogi was fascinated by the novel back in elementary school, and calls it ga book that changed my life.h gAnne has a place in my heart and mind even now,h he writes. In this analysis, he explains how the novel can enrich our lives and teach us to be happy by nurturing and respecting individuality.

Theatre^Le théâtre

Another Season's Promise (J) – a play by Anne Chislett and Keith Roulston performed by The Mingei Theatre Company

Thursday, May 21 – Monday, June 1
@@Kinokuniya Southern Theater, Tokyo

Another Season's Promise, which premiered in Canada in 1986, is one of several plays set in the farm country of southern Ontario by Anne Chislett. It tells the story of Ken Purves, who finds himself on the brink of ruin following a rapid expansion of his family farm outside Toronto. The heart-warming drama depicts the stouthearted family's determination to hold on to the farm passed down for generations.

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