Culture Canada2007.7.20


Government of Canada launches
official mobile site in Japan!

You can now access the Government of Canada's official mobile site in Japan from your mobile phone! Information available includes contact details for Canada's offices in Japan and consular service information. We are pleased to invite you to participate in a gift campaign celebrating the launch of the Government of Canada's first mobile site. You may win prizes including an invitation to meet popular recording artist Avril Lavigne, CDs by other Canadian musicians and Canadian brand goods. The campaign runs from Friday July 20 to Monday August 6. For more information, please click here or access the mobile site.

Please scan the QR code in macro mode using the barcode reader on your mobile phone.
Embassy of Canada launches a
trilingual kids' website Canada Explorer

Canada Explorer is a multimedia website that encourages kids to learn about Canada and visit the country through virtual tourism. The site features a colourful and interactive Infomap with clickable texts and icons that reveal photographs and facts about Canada's nature, history, people and economy. Kids will also have fun playing games and taking quizzes! The site is accessible in three languages: English, French and Japanese. Use this site and explore Canada!