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The Canada-Japan Working Holiday Agreement allows Canadian and Japanese young people to holiday in each other's country for up to a year, and to take temporary employment during their stay to supplement their travel funds. The program aims to promote appreciation of culture of the host country and deepen Japanese-Canadian understanding. If your intent is to work full time in Canada, you should apply for a regular work permit, not for a Working Holiday work permit. Before a work permit can be issued to you, you must meet normal requirements of Canadian immigration legislation and of the Working Holiday Agreement.

2009 Working Holiday Program participants must enter Canada between 1 January 2009 and 31 December 2009. The ceiling for the number of participants for the 2009 Working Holiday Program is 10,000. Based on the Agreement, the Government of Canada through the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo will issue approval letters to applicants who have satisfied requirements of Canadian immigration legislation and the Working Holiday Agreement. The applications will be cut-off when the ceiling of 10,000 has fully been subscribed.

The Public Affairs Section of the Canadian Embassy has responsibilities for the Working Holiday Program as a main administrator in coordination with the Visa Section.

The Visa Section of the Canadian Embassy will process the applications and issue final approval letters for the issuance of Working Holiday work permits and send the approval letters by regular mail or by e-mail.

Eligibility Requirements

Those who are eligible for the program:

  1. Japanese nationals;
  2. intend primarily to holiday in Canada for an extended period (maximum 1 year);
  3. have not previously participated in the Program;
  4. are between 18 to 30 years of age at the time of the receipt of the application (not at the time of departure for Canada);
  5. possess a valid passport and a return ticket or sufficient funds with which to purchase such a ticket;
  6. possess sufficient funds for their maintenance, including medical expenses, during the period of initial stay in Canada;
  7. able to pay the program participation fee equivalent to $150 Canadian dollars;
  8. are in good health and of good character; and
  9. do not have a pre-arranged job in Canada.

* Regarding 6), you do not need to submit proof of funds with the application. However, you must be prepared to show proof of funds sufficient to cover the initial living costs, and purchase a return ticket if you have a one-way ticket at the time of your entry to Canada. As a guide, we recommend you to prepare 500,000 yen minimum.


How to obtain an application kit:

  1. From fax-on-demand service of the Embassy of Canada at the fax number 03-5412-6218 (24 hours)
    (the Embassy will not fax the application kit individually)
    (if thermal paper is used in your machine, please make a copy on a A4 -size regular sheet of paper and use it)
  2. To download an application kit from the Embassy of Canada Website
    (Download by clicking here)
    Application Forms
    Application Guide (J)
  3. To request an application kit by mail from the Embassy, enclose a pre-addressed return envelope indicating the name and address and affixing a 90 yen stamp. (The Embassy address is indicated in the section for gTo mail the applicationh)
  4. Pick up an application kit at the Library of the Embassy. Open on Monday - Friday 10AM to 4PM, Wednesday 10AM to 8PM. However please be advised that WHP inquiries are not accepted at the Library.
  5. To collect an application kit at the Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers
    At the window, request a copy of the application form, by paying 10 yen per copy. (the information sheet can be obtained if an extra charge is paid)
    Contact to the Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers
    Tel: 03-3389-0181 (Tokyo Headquarters)
    Tel: 06-6946-7010 (Osaka Branch Office)
    Tel: 092-713-0854 (Kyushu office)

Documents to submit:

  1. check list,
  2. questionnaires including the reasons why you would like to participate in a working holiday in Canada,
  3. application form for the 2009 Working Holiday Program,
  4. two photographs of 45mm x 35mm taken within 6 months prior to application,
  5. copies of the biodata page of your passport (the page with your photo),
  6. original remittance receipt of the Program Participation Fee,
  7. and if you wish to receive your Working Holiday Work Permit approval letter by e-mail, an application form for the e-mail service(D403j),
  8. self-addressed envelope (12x23.5cm) with a 90 yen postage stamp,
  9. stamped self-addressed postcard (if you wish to receive acknowledgement that the Embassy has received your submission)

    If you are applying for e-service to receive the approval letter by e-mail, you do not need to provide a self-addressed envelope.

* Please assemble them in the above sequence (the check list must be placed on top), staple at top left-hand and mail the package in an A4-size (24cm x 33cm) envelope.

Program Participation Fee:

11,200 yen (CD$150) for the applications received at Public Affairs Section on and after November 1, 2008.

The exchange rate for PPF is determined by the Embassy of Canada. Do not use any other exchange rate, do not add any other fee.

Payment must be made by bank transfer in yen only to following account.

Beneficiary bank: Citibank
Branch: Honten (730)
Account type: Savings
Account number: 7645782

Enter the full name of the Working Holiday Program applicant as the payer. Please note that you are responsible for the payment of any service charge levied by the bank. You must transfer the exact amount stated on this page.

We do not accept payment from agents on behalf of applicants.

The payment of the PPF via a bank transfer must be made before you submit your application. You must include the original remittance receipt with your application. Other forms of payment will not be accepted including; internet banking, cheque, postal money order, cash, credit card, etc., applications with incorrect forms of payment will be returned unprocessed.

The Program Participation Fee (PPF) will be refunded to individuals (applicants) who have been found to be ineligible or inadmissible (i.e. on criminal or medical grounds, etc.). Should the applicant choose to withdraw his or her application before it is processed, the Program Participation Fee will be refunded. However, once the applicant has been issued a letter of authorization (LOI), it will no longer be possible to obtain a refund of the Program Participation Fee. Program Participation Fees are not transferable under any circumstances, neither from person to person nor from year to year.

Timing of the application:

Your application must be received by the Public Affairs Section of the Embassy at least three months prior to your intended departure date. To ensure the timely completion of the processing, we encourage applicants to submit the application as soon as possible. Applications submitted less than three months prior to the intended departure date will be returned.

To mail the application:

Please mail your application with required documents to the Embassy of Canada at the following address:

Public Affairs Section WHP
The Embassy of Canada
7-3-38, Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-8503

Before submitting your application: Important notice


The day the ceiling of 10,000 has fully been subscribed.



Those who require a medical examination during the processing of the application:

If you have resided for 6 or more consecutive months in a designated country/territory (please see the CIC's website) in the one year immediately preceding the date of seeking entry to Canada, or have certain health problems, you must take medical examinations by one of physicians designated by the Embassy. If you fall into this category, you will be sent medical instructions from the Embassy.

Those who require medical examinations after entry to Canada:

If you want to engage in employment or voluntary activities in areas listed below where protection of public health is essential, you must pass a medical examination at your own expense before your employment or voluntary activities start. If you fall into this situation, please contact the nearest Canada Immigration Centre in Canada for medical instructions.

Workers in the health services field, including hospital staff and employees, clinical laboratory workers, patient attendants in nursing and geriatric homes, Primary and Secondary school teachers and assistants, or other teachers of small children, domestics, workers who give in home care to children, the elderly and the disable, day nursery employees etc.

Addresses of Canada Immigration Centres
Please consult with blue pages for yGovernment of Canada, Citizenship Immigration Canadaz of a telephone directory.


Before contacting us, please ensure that you have explored the existing information on this website. If the answer is already provided on those sources of information, we will not respond to the question. The information on status of the case will not be provided.

You may contact us by either e-mail or by post. Please do not forget to write your full name (Romanized), date of birth, your passport number and your intended date of departure for Canada.

E-MAIL address: tokyo.whp-pvt@international.gc.ca

By Mail: Please enclose a self-addressed return envelope. The Embassy's address is indicated in the section "To mail the application"

* Please note that by supplying your email address, you will be initiating an email communication with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) & Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). DFAIT and CIC are thereby authorized to use the email address provided by you for communication with you, including the transmission of personal information on your file. When you supply your email address to DFAIT & CIC, it is also understood that you are aware that this channel may not be a secure channel.

* To minimize failure of email delivery, it is suggested that you add our email address or domain address (re-tokyo-im-enquiry@international.gc.ca) in your email address list (safe list) to avoid spam blockers, firewalls and attachment stripping etc., that may impede/prevent delivery of our email message to you.


You must present your approval letter to the Port of Entry officer. You will be issued a Working Holiday Work Permit in exchange for the letter. Even if you have the letter, if you enter and work in Canada without having been issued the Work Permit, you will be considered an illegal worker. Therefore, please ensure that you obtain your Work Permit in exchange for the letter at the Port of Entry when you enter Canada.

When you are issued your Work Permit, please check and remember the validity of the Permit. The validity will be one year from your declared date of entry to Canada. If you enter Canada by changing your declared date of entry, please indicate as such to the Port of Entry officer before your permit is issued. In any case, you must enter Canada within the year 2009.


Validity of Working Holiday work permit and passport validity

Although the validity of a Working Holiday work permit is one year maximum from the date of your confirmed departure date, work permits cannot be issued beyond the date of passport validity. Accordingly, if you intend to depart for Canada on a passport which is valid for less than a year, validity of your work permit is issued equal to your passport expiry date. Therefore we strongly urge you to renew your passport before you submit your application, if your passport expires within a year.

In case that you intend to apply for the Working Holiday program using such a passport, you must first renew your passport in Canada before you apply for an extension for your Working Holiday work permit. In any event, validity of the Working Holiday work permit is one year maximum.


You may study in Canada for up to 6 months without obtaining a study permit. This rule applies to all visitors to Canada. If you want to study over 6 months, you must apply for a study permit from within Canada two months prior to the expiry of your Working Holiday work permit.


You may apply for a regular work permit from within Canada as long as you submit the application before expiry of your Working Holiday work permit.


If you want to continuously stay in Canada as a visitor after your program is completed, you must apply for a visitor status 2 months prior to the expiry of your Working Holiday work permit by obtaining an application for change of status and extension of stay (one application serves both)

Detailed information on the immigration legislation, procedures on a study/work permit and change of status to a visitor is provided on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)'s website.


Participants will be issued a work permit which, under Canadian immigration law, allows a person to engage or continue in employment for a specified period of time. However, individual participants are responsible for their own travel expenses and finding employment. Neither the Canadian Embassy nor Human Resources Social Development Canada (HRSDC) will be able to assist persons seeking employment.

Participants will need a SIN (Social Insurance Number) to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits. Detailed information on applying for a SIN is provided on Service Canada's website.


We recommend that you travel with return air tickets as evidence of your intention of being in Canada temporarily. If you proceed to Canada on a one-way ticket, you will be required to present evidence that you have sufficient funds to effectuate your departure from Canada at the conclusion of your stay.


You are personally liable for any medical or dental treatment which you may receive in Canada. You should arrange for private medical insurance coverage for your intended period of stay in Canada before your departure.


Information on Customs is provided by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA).
Information on income tax is provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).


Please contact the Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers (JAWHM).

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